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Mechanical Core Chucks

Quick Grip Mechanical Core Chucks

Quick Grip core chucks expand automatically and grip the roll core when the roll rotates or when web tension is applied. They are extremely reliable and intuitive to use.

The Quick Grip series of core chucks can also use adaptors that allow for quick change over of core sizes.

The Quick Grip core chucks are engineere, designed, and assembled at our facility in Windham, Maine providing you with quick service, personalized support and the reliability that you need in a product that needs to run day in and day out.

Capacities to 8,800 lbs (4,000 kg)

Quick Grip Mechanical Core Chuck Adapters

Quick-Grip Core Chuck adapters are designed to fit over your existing Quick-Grip Core Chuck to allow you to quickly change to running a larger core size. A variety of core chuck adapters can be used to accommodate a wide range of core sizes without having to change the entire core chuck.

The chuck mechanically actuates as soon as tension is applied to the roll and the adapter expands with the core chuck to firmly grip the core.

  • Fast gripping action
  • Easy to operate
  • Quickly add and remove adapters as needed
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