Machining, Engineering and Design Services In-House Capabilities are why companies choose Schlumpf

Schlumpf’s 10,000 ft² (930 m²) production facility located in the Portland, Maine area contains state-of-the-art CAD design, CNC machining, fabrication and assembly and warehouse space, all supported by a staff of highly trained mechanical & electrical engineers and technicians. Put Schlumpf’s resources to work for you. We offer:

CNC Machining Services graphic

CNC Machining Services

Our state-of-the-art machine shop with 4-1/2-axis milling and 3-axis turning can economically produce both large and small parts in high quantities or on a prototype basis.

Repairs, Rebuilds and Alterations graphic

Repairs, Rebuilds and Alterations

Schlumpf’s technicians can repair, rebuild and alter products from many different manufacturers to improve performance and productivity.

Machine Maintenance graphic

Machine Maintenance

Your machines are also in good hands with Schlumpf’s trained technicians. From standard Pallet Trucks to any of the heavy duty machines with custom tooling, Schlumpf can provide any maintenance needed on any product we sell.

Electrical and Mechanical Assembly graphic

Electrical and Mechanical Assembly

With electric and mechanical engineers on staff, Schlumpf has invested hundreds of hours in researching and complying with known standards such as, ANSI, UL and CE to produce safe and cost effective machinery and equipment for worldwide use.

CAD Design & Engineering graphic

CAD Design & Engineering

Schlumpf utilizes state-of-the-art 3-D solid modeling to engineer its products. We maintain extensive SolidWorks databases with thousands of part files, making the design process fast and accurate.

Welding & Fabrication graphic

Welding & Fabrication

We offer certified MIG and TIG welding services for both steel and aluminum. Our network of sub-contract fabricators can laser cut, water-jet cut, bend, weld and paint a wide range of materials, from simple parts to complex machine frames.