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PCS Fail Safe Core Chucks

PCS Fail Safe Core Chucks

Spring Force Core chucks are normally expanded; pressurized air will RETRACT the chuck. Simply put: they are virtually fool-proof.

Core Chucks expand with Spring Force and are retracted Pneumatically:
“Fail-Safe” – will not release the roll until inflated.

In the event of a power or pressurized air loss, the core chuck maintains grip of the core and roll.

The reverse operation of these core chucks ensures that the inflation process cannot be forgotten during machine startup which ensures the roll core is engaged. This helps ensure the material and roll are engaged during machine start and during power

Key Benefits of Fail-Safe Core Chucks:

Improve safety conditions for operators

Continue to work during loss of power or air

Eliminate start up web tension problems

Reduce damage to cores and material

Core Sizes: 70mm – 12″
Maximum Torque: up to 19,116 in-lbs

For applications than can’t afford to fail such as high-value materials or Vacuum Metalizing applications.


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