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Expanding Mandrels

Schlumpf Universal Mandrels are at the heart of all Schlumpf handling systems, enabling our devices to lift and turn rolled materials by securely gripping the inside of the roll’s paper, plastic or metal core, without slipping, and without substantial damage to the core. Universal Mandrels fit all types of Schlumpf handling equipment and can be changed in seconds without tools.

Universal Mandrels are fail-safe. Grippers expand automatically by spring force. Simply insert the mandrel into the core and lift the roll. The grippers remain expanded until the load is fully supported. Only then can the grippers be retracted by the operator.

Grippers can be retracted manually with toggle or “T” handles attached directly to the mandrel, or remotely for increased operator convenience with pneumatic, manual or electric retractors. Universal Mandrels are available with a number of gripper surface profiles to ensure the safest grip with the least possible damage to the core.

Important Note! Schlumpf cannot guarantee the performance of its grippers in all applications.

Some applications may require experimenting with different gripper surface profiles to find the best fit with your cores. Consult Schlumpf for recommendations of which gripper type is best for your application.


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