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Core Plug Handler

The battery powered Schlumpf Core Plug Handler is an excellent solution for inserting, removing and transporting core plugs in your tissue plant/mill. Powerful, easy-to-use and highly maneuverable The Core Plug Handler features an infrared video system for quick and accurate core plug insertions and removal.Contact Schlumpf today and find out how the Core Plug Handler will increase the productivity and safety on your lines.

Battery powered drive with compact base allows for high maneuverability for core plug lifting, moving, placement and removal.

Onboard video system with LCD screen and laser targeting feature allows for easy and precise alignment of the powered Core Plug Handler when placing and removing core plugs.

Powered core plug clamp is designed to securely hold the nick of core plugs for the safe lifting, transport, insertion, and removal of core plugs.

Integrated controls offer ease-of-use and greater flexibility when lifting, moving and placing core plugs.

Product Information


  • Works with all core plugs
  • Ergonomic and easy-to-use control panel
  • On-board infrared video system with LCD monitor increases safety while allowing quick and accurate insertions and removals
  • Pivot feature for quicker picking and placement of core plugs
  • Easy-to-maneuver counterbalanced design
  • Fully powered clamping and unclamping
  • Increases productivity
  • Increases operator safety
  • Available with left/right side shift for easy alignment of core plug and roll core
  • Custom applications available