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Gamma Portable Lift Table

GAMMA portable lift tables are available in electronic/hydraulic units powered by a 12V battery as well as manually powered; these are the ideal machine for lifting equipment, materials and tools in production environments.

Lifting Capacities to 1,736 lbs (800 kg)

Gamma Lift Tables are compact portable lifting tables that alleviate a multitude of ergonomic issues surrounding the heavy lifting and carrying of heavy materials and items. The Gamma lift table units feature a high lifting capacity of 48 inches (1475 mm).

Product Information

The Gamma is available as electric or manually powered models. Both are easy to use while the electric option offers a high degree of convenience and continuous lift speeds.

Gamma Lift Tables


Max Lifting Weight

1,736 lbs (800 kg)

Vertical Lift Capacity

48 in (1475 mm)

Power Options

12VDC or Manual

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