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TE Stationary Electric Lift Table

TE electric lifting tables are stationary lifting tables that operate on three-phase 380/220 V. It is an ideal solution for a large number of applications such as loading/unloading goods to/from motor vehicles, a connection between different work cells, servicing machines and many other industrial and non-industrial uses.

Lifting Capacities to 11,023 lbs (5000 kg)

TE Stationary lift platforms and tables are electric lifting tables powered by a three-phase 380/220 V control unit directly wired to industrial power.

Product Information

A full variety of standard designs are available while this series of tables are frequently customized to ensure their optimal operation and that the operators and users receive the maximum benefit of powered equipment and automation.

TE Lift Tables


Max Lifting Weight

11,023 lbs (5000 kg)

Vertical Lift Capacity


Power Options

3-Phase 380VDC

*Custom Capacities Available

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