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Powered Movers and Tow Trucks

Industrial Powered Movers and Electric Tow Carts

TPT and TPT UB are our line of industrial power movers and electric tow carts and offer options such as walk behind or operator-ride-on capacities. They are battery powered which eliminates emissions, improves air quality and enhances operator safety.

Equipped with a hydraulically lift-able hitch, they are the ideal solution for handling a wide variety of materials and equipment in a wide range of work environments.

Frequent Applications:

  • Pulling and moving granite countertops
  • Moving steel reels and steel cores
  • Moving industrial laundry carts
  • Pushing cars, engines and frames on an assembly line
  • Moving aircraft and aerospace parts
  • Position helicopters, airplanes and gliders in hangars

Product Information

TPT Tow Trucks Models        Suggested UsePulling CapacityHitch Lifting Capacity Lift Height


Moving loads mounted on trailers

13,200 lbs (6000 kg)    

6,600 lbs (3000 kg)    

14.5 in (370mm)


Moving trailered load long distances – with operator ride on    

13,200 lbs (6000 kg)

6,600 lbs (3000 kg)

14.5 in (370mm)

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