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Stainless Steel Handling Equipment

Stainless Steel construction is an option many clean room class and wash-down duty applications require and we have the right equipment that delivers the performance.

We offer a complete range of roll handlers, stackers and pallet trucks manufactured with stainless steel to handle goods within high humidity, condensate, dusty and saline/caustic environments. The stainless steel construction greatly extends the operational life of the units and greatly reduces maintenance intervals.

Product Information

Stainless Steel Movers

Schlumpf offers Manual (push) and Powered (electric) configurations and are used to lift, lift and turn, load, unload and transport a variety of products including reels, rolls, equipment and a wide variety of materials.

  • Core Sizes: 70mm – 12″
  • Maximum Torque: up to 19,116 in-lbs

Stainless Steel Stackers

This stainless steel stacker features full stainless construction for use in a pharmaceutical production environment. The unit is able to be cleaned using aggressive sanitizing cleaning agents.

Stainless Steel Material Turners

This unit was designed to lift and turn a support rack and eliminated the need for several operators to collectively lift, turn and stack a relatively heavy rack. The turner has greatly reduced damage as a result of handling and has eliminated safety and ergonomic concerns that both management and operators held for this particular process.

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