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Roll Carts

Schlumpf’s industrial roll carts – Superior performance and quality.

At Schlumpf, we offer a range of options for customers looking for portable roll carts. We are confident that we can meet your needs, regardless of your industry or application. Custom solutions are available for clients with highly-specialized needs.


HRC Portable Roll Cart

HRC portable hydraulic powered roll handling carts make lifting and transporting rolls and other heavy items with weights to 1100 lbs (500 kg) safe and easy. The HRC’s powerful, compact design features a high-speed foot pedal operated hydraulic lift with ergonomic hand lever for lowering the table by gravity.

While all carts can be custom designed to specific applications, a “V” cradle top is custom designed for your exact roll specifications and can be supplied in a fixed direction or with an optional swivel function. HRC roll handling carts are well suited for loading and unloading narrow web presses with cantilevered mandrels as well as for cost effectively transporting rolls throughout your facility.


  • Foot pump lift mechanism.
  • Ergonomic handlebar.
  • Large casters. Easy to position and control.
  • Modular design. Custom configurations available.
  • Savings in manpower requirements.
  • Increased workplace safety.
  • No more manhandling heavy rolls.
  • Reduced operator fatigue.
  • Lightweight, operator friendly design.
  • Rugged steel construction.
  • Multiple table configurations available.




330 lbs (149 kg)


550 lbs (249 kg)


1,100 lbs (498 kg)


Speedy V-Cradle

Our powered lift trucks with cradle tooling make moving large rolls around easy! With powered drive and lift mechanisms they can achieve a multitude of jobs.


  • Ergonomic Tiller Controls
  • 2 Speed operation
  • Custom Configurations Available
  • Increased workplace safety
  • Able to load unwind/rewind shafts
  • Custom capacities available (dependent on width/length/diameter)
  • Hydraulic lip to mate with pallet
  • Contoured forks available


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