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Roll Dollies

Schlumpf’s portable roll dollies – Superior performance and quality.

Schlumpf VCRD roll dollies offer an inexpensive way to transport rolled materials or other equipment throughout your plant and keep your valuable material clean and off the floor.

Use the roll dolly to stage rolls in front of presses and load unwinds and unload rewinds quickly and easily.

Other common uses

  • Moving motors and coils
  • Moving bags of material – sand, cement, gravel
  • Moving ingots, metal bars and sections of pipe

The VCRD-1000’s rugged steel construction and powder coated finish is durable and handles the heaviest loads with ease. Numerous options are available including quick-mount handlebars and self-stacking posts to keep the dolly out of the way when not in use. The VCRD-1000 is a perfect compliment to other Schlumpf roll and shaft handling systems.



Max Lifting Weight  

1000 lbs (453kg)

Shipping Weight

35 lbs (16 kg)

Caster diameter

3” (76 mm)

Platform size

25” x 25” (635 mm x 635 mm)

Platform height

4.36” (111 mm)


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